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About Us

Here’s the story of how we got to where we are today…


Aargee was formed in 1978 and it's flexible and friendly approach, excellent quality products, fast delivery, low prices and fantastic customer service became very popular over time and in 1994, the business moved from the small warehouse to a 14,000 sq foot facility closer to the heart of London.

It was soon after this, that we launched a new brand of products under the name “Stamford”. This was a premium brand, made with the highest quality, authentic Indian ingredients.

Following this, Aargee soon developed in to the UK's leading specialist importer and wholesale distributor of incense and ethnic giftware.

By popular demand, we then introduced collections of high-grade, pure essential oils and pure essential oils based products, sourced from the UK.

As the reputation and availability of Aargee and Stamford products spread across Europe and then the U.S.

Here and Now

After building a strong customer base and listening to customer feedback, we have we have grown our best selling collections of incense, oil warmers and incense burners from India and our high-grade essential oils and fragrances oils from the UK.

We have also developed attractive counter displays, inexpensive pre-packs and starter sets.

We carry only the best selling brands: Aargee and Stamford. With over 80 fragrances across 15 collections, there's definitely something for everyone.

For your convenience, our products are bar-coded and we also have the facility to "own brand label" most of our merchandise.

We accept orders online, by telephone, by fax and by email. Additionally, you're more than welcome to visit us at the trade shows we exhibit at, to see and experience our products first-hand (visit our website www.Aargeelnc.com for dates and locations).

Our customers

We serve over 3,000 businesses across Europe and the Americas, large and small. Our customer base includes: distributors, wholesalers, department stores, gift stores, mall carts, flea markets, grocery stores, hospital gift shops, book stores, spas, bath/beauty stores, churches, temples, museums, plus more.

We give all of our customers personalized service, no matter what their size.

If you're not sure which lines or items to carry, give us a call and we will guide you through the best selling products and fragrances to get you started.

We look forward to serving you soon!

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