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Some effects of Wholesale Incense

There are lots of scents and fragrances of wholesale incense ranging from flowers, spices, wood and berries to name but a few. Although currently there is no scientific basis in any of the following many beleive that wholesale incense has many benefical effects in many aspects of life including love.

Turn up the romantic music, turn down the lights and light the wholesale incense sticks for a night of love and romance. Many believe that lighting some basil, ginger or musk incense sticks will improve the romantic mood and increase passion.

Try burning some bay, frankincense or spearmint fragranced wholesale incense sticks to increase muscaline stamina. Juniper, cloves, rosemary and violet scents are believed to have aphrodisiac properties. To bring more affection and strengthen love try allspice, rose, coriander and anise incense wholesale.

Many believe that burning the scent of lilac, celery, honeysuckle of acacia will help psychic abilities and burning garlic, lemon grass, mugwort or holly scents is suggested to help clairvoyance abilities. Hemlock, fennel, dill and yarrow are said to help with psychic protection against negative energies.

If you wish to supply these products to the public you will need to look no further than www.aargeeinc.com which stocks all of these scents in wholesale incense stick and wholesale incense cone form. With many years supplying incense wholesale around the world Aargee Inc has a wealth of knowledge on the effects of using various wholesale incense fragrances.

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