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Orange and Cinnamon Wholesale Incense Sticks are perfect for Christmas

Aargee Inc owe their massive success to excellent quality products, low prices and fast delivery. Aargee are the UK’s leading specialist wholesaler of incense and ethnic gifts including a fantastic range of wholesale incense sticks. Aargee promise to give all customers a personalised service so feel free to call to discuss your wholesale incense stick requirements.

Orange and cinnamon wholesale incense sticks allow a wonderful aroma into your home. Each wholesale incense stick gives you approximately 30 minutes of burning time but for best results should be used with alongside an incense holder.  The wholesale incense sticks are made in India using pure extracts and fine scented oils. The unique aroma from the wholesale incense sticks will leave your home smelling refreshed and allow you to feel relaxed.

Orders for wholesale incense sticks can be taken online, by telephone, by fax or email and Aargee pride themselves on their flexible and friendly customer service. There is a massive range of wholesale incense sticks and the orange and cinnamon is only one of the gorgeous aromas that can be purchased. The orange and cinnamon wholesale incense sticks owes its popularity to its unique aroma and relaxing properties.

Aargee Inc sells good quality wholesale Incense Sticks to retailers for sale online or main street. Stamford Inc incense sticks are by far the most popular and is very good quality. At www.aargeeinc.com you'll find the widest selection of wholesale incense sticks available in the US at wholesale prices. If you are a retailer looking to stock Incense Sticks then you should really take a look at the selection at Aargee Inc

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