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How To Burn Wholesale Incense Sticks

Incense Sticks are by far the most popular type of incense mainly as it burns consistently, is convenient and lasts a long time. To light your incence stick hold a flame to the coated end of the stick until it lights. The flame should go out within a couple of seconds, if not blow it out. The incense stick should smoulder and not be on fire. The tip should release a steady stream of smoke while glowing red.

You should place your stick in a wholesale incense holder once smouldering. This is normally just a case of placing the non lit end in a small hole contained within the holder. Many different types of wholesale incense holders exist that allow more than one stick to burnt at any one time. If kids or pets are a worry around lit incense sticks choose to use wholesale incense towers instead, these allow the incense stick to burn while keeping it enclosed.

By far the cheapest way to burn incense sticks is to just stick the uncoated end into the ground ensuring no combustible materials are present below the sticks. Importantly, incense sticks should not be left unattended where wind can blow sparks from the end of the incense sticks.

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