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Choose Wholesale Incense for Fall This Year

If you buy wholesale incense you should be aware of the scents and fragrances that are in tune with the seasons that your customers will be buying in. At Aargee Inc we sell wholesale incense and wholesale essential oils that cover all the seasons and ocassions, however see below for some guidance on what scents to choose for Fall this year.

As the nights start to draw in and temperature drops, it's the season to celebrate the harvest and traditional ceremonies, festivals and rituals of thanksgiving. Scents are an integral part of these celebrations that we all know and associate with this time of the year. The fragrances of fall are earthy, woody and warm.

For a comfortable, refreshing ambience choose Cedarwood wholesale Essential Oil and use in one of our wholesale oil warmers to really bring out it's rich, warm aroma. Combine this with wholesale incense sticks with the fragrances of Frankincense and Jasmine to compliment.

Alternatively Patchouli has an earthy smell with a heady aroma and is perfect for evenings in front of the fire. Burning Sandalwood is said to help you let go of the past and is ideal during those nostalgic moods of the longer fall evenings. With a soothing aroma it is uplifting and will help find inner strength.

Also look to bring the outdoors inside. Find plant pieces to add to a bowl to create an eye catching pot pouri. Choose from our selection of wholesale essential oils to really bring it to life and introduce the fragrances from the outside indoors.

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